Why am I doing this ?

 Many people ask, "Why are you doing this ? "  When good people keep silent about the Gross Sins of the Leadership of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society our Communities are poisoned as a result.

The videos below are here to show you The Truth About The Truth  otherwise know as TTATT

 Jehovah's Witness Pedophile knocking on your door.

Shunning & Suicides

Dave's says more in this story than anyone of us can.

Pedophiles  Among The JWs

1006 Pedophiles went unreported to the Police in Australia. Reports are that over 20,000 in the USA alone. See for yourself.



Death by Sanctioned Blood Policy

Brad , a NON JW,  clearly explains the  damaging effects caused by  allowing 7 unknown and unqualified  men in Brooklyn New York  setting policy on Medical Procedures.

Satanic Pictures in JW Literature?

If one Picture from Watchtower has Hidden demonic images then MAYBE it is just hearsay.  What about 2,3,4,5.  Youtube is filled with similiar videos showing Sexual and Demonic images in Watchtower Literature.